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Muslin Burp Cloths – Oatmeal (Set of 2)


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These Muslin Burp Cloths are made of ultra soft cotton muslin, a gentle material to comfort baby over your shoulder — while catching all that spit-up.

Our Burp Cloths are:

  • Ultra soft,  breathable, and gentle. Our premium 100% cotton muslin is light, airy, and gentle on baby’s precious skin
  • Absorbent. This 6-layer muslin material is thicker and more absorbent than muslin sheet and blankets, a must for managing those wet newborn burps
  • Just the right size. Measures 48 x 26 cm, just right to sling over your shoulder for burping sessions and snuggles. Fluffy, yet compact enough to fit easily in a nappy bag. Piping helps the cloth hold its shape and makes the cloth more durable
  • Versatile. Appropriate for newborns and infants, and will find new uses a mess cloth for the toddler years and beyond
  • Machine washable. Do not wash together with Velcro or sharp items, as these may cause muslin to unravel


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